Maybelline Powder Mattes (Review)

Maybelline released a new lipstick line called Powder Mattes. This line claims to present a super matte finish but still lightweight and comfortable. This retails for 299 pesos here in the Philippines and is available at Maybelline counters. They have a total of 15 shades. I only have two since these are the colors that attracted me. The formulation of these are really good and what they claim is true. It has a powder finish. I has no shine at all. It is really matte. Although, it is matte it is super comfortable. I don’t feel like I have lipstick on my lips. It’s very lightweight. It is also very opaque/pigmented. It does not dry my lips and it is not patchy. Their color selection is great there are different kind of nudes to really dark colors. I think every skintone would find a lipstick shade that will suit them.

They perform like high end lipstick and they even feel like high end as well. This will stay a lot longer than a normal moisturizing lipstick and in my experience this stayed longer than their creamy mattes. But of course these wouldn’t have the longevity of a liquid lipstick. This will not fade easily with you just talking or drinking water. But when you eat this will be removed quickly and you’ll have to re-apply it then.

This is one of the formulations of lipsticks that I love. It’s inexpensive but the quality and pigmentation is there. Honestly if you want a lipstick that won’t cost you that much that is as good as high end lipsticks I suggest you go to your nearest Maybelline counter and choose from their lipsticks because honestly their lipstick lines are really good.


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