Lip 101: How to cure/prevent dry chapped lips + DIY Lip Scrub


If you are into makeup you know that having chapped and dry lips is a no no especially when you love wearing liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks can also be the cause of having dry lips because liquid lipsticks tend to really be more drying than a normal matte lipstick. Having dry/chapped lips isn’t a pretty sight. There will even be time where in your lips will be peeling. My friends always say that I have beautiful lips just because they rarely get dry or chapped. So here is my tricks and tips to have that smooth, plump and hydrated lips.

  1. Exfoliate/Scrub your lips – This is a must! There are also dead cells on our lips and we want that layer off also scrubbing your lips gets rid of the peeling and it will definitely make your lips smoother. And scrubbing/exfoliating your lips does make your it a bit more plumper. But do not over exfoliate your lips because that may bring you another problem. You can make your own lip scrub and it’ll show you my DIY lip scrub that I use and that works for me.
  2. Use a lip mask/lip patch – This is a Korean trend that may look unnecessary and a bit too much but a honestly it makes a difference. I use the lip gel patch from The Face Shop and it’s worth I believe 150 pesos here in the Philippines for each gel patch (about $3 in the US). You put this on your lips for 10-15 minutes (just like a normal face mask) and when you remove it your lips just feel so smooth and hydrated. I do this once or twice a week after I have exfoliated my lips.
  3. Use lip balms – Lips balms are essential. Even if you don’t use a lip mask/lip patch as long as you have a lip balm you’ll be fine (but I still prefer using lip mask just because it gives me better results). You can use any lip balm that works for you. I love applying the Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Healing Balm at night. I apply a generous amount on my lips before I sleep and when I wake up my lips feels amazing. During the morning/afternoon I just use my Nivea balms I just pop them on from time to time. I’m currently loving the Nivea Med Repair but I also really love other Nivea balms.
  4. Drink water – This is another must. Our body always needs to be hydrated. Drinking less water leads to dry/chapped lips. I think everyone is aware of that. So always keep yourself armed with a bottle of water.

Now let’s proceed to my DIY Lip Scrub!


The little container above is my DIY lip scrub. This is really easy to make. You can do this in less than five minutes and all you need is a lemon, olive oil/coconut oil and brown sugar (you can also add honey if you want to, honey also has its added benefits like for extra hydration. I just ran out of honey that’s why this doesn’t contain honey.) I really don’t use measurements here I just look at the consistency of the product. In a small bowl put the brown sugar, a little bit of olive oil/coconut oil and squeeze a little amount of lemon and if you have honey also add it in. The majority of the ingredients should be the sugar for (example 2 tbsp of sugar then a quarter of oil, etc.) The consistency should be grainy and rough. It shouldn’t be too watery/runny (if you get this consistency just add sugar gradually.) It should be quite thick. You can test the product on the back of your hand or on your lips. You should really feel the sugar working. The sugar removes the dead cells while the honey and olive oil/coconut oil hydrates your lips so it wouldn’t dry/ The lemon is just for a bit of flavoring.  Use this once or twice a week. (Twice a week is the maximum amount.)

So this is how I prevent my lips on being chapped or dry. You really have to give some effort if you want your lips to look and feel good. Some might find this over the top but this is how I keep my lips nice and smooth. I hope that I was able to help you somehow. See you on my next post!


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