Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation (Review)

It’s been awhile since I posted a review and today I’m reviewing the Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Foundation. This has 1 FL. OZ or 30 ml and it retails for 499 pesos here in the Philippines and it’s $10.99 in the US. I have mine in the shade 60 Sand Beige (I forgot to label the photos but on the left side the one without flash and on the right side is the one with flash). This is a gel-whipped foundation that is very light weight. This doesn’t feel like you have foundation on and it’s easy to blend into the skin. And it claims to give you that soft-matte finish and it does. It does not feel greasy or tacky after applying it. But I still set this with powder just because I have very oily skin and the weather here in the Philippines is just too much.

It comes in a plastic tube packing which I think is very travel friendly. It’s texture is very different than that of your normal liquid foundation. This is my favorite foundation to wear on a daily basis because it has a light to medium coverage. I’m usually satisfied with it’s light coverage just because I prefer this to be worn on a daily basis because it is very lightweight. Even though I sweat and oil up it doesn’t give me that foundation feel. It usually oils up on me about 3-4 hours of wear but it doesn’t bother me because once I blot the oils away and touch up a bit it still looks amazing. It does not break apart or get blotchy throughout the day. It just blends and stays on your face beautifully. It kinda looks like my skin but better and it does a pretty good job on oil control. It will not cover blemishes or other skin issues that well but it will even out your skintone.

Overall I love this foundation. It’s affordable and I believe Maybelline is on a 25% sale here in the Philippines until the 31st of May so I suggest you grab this opportunity to purchase this because I sure will get one for my back up. I really don’t have much cons for this product other than this might not work well for drier skin types just because it might grab on to dry patches but with a moisturizer and a smoothing/hydrating primer that could easily be fixed. Another con is that it is not full coverage which other people want but I personally don’t mind it I don’t like wearing full coverage foundation on a daily basis. I highly highly recommend this foundation.


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