Benefit Cheek Parade (Review)

This limited edition palette comes in this big magnetic cardboard packaging. It hold a mirror, 2 bronzers, 3 blushes and a mini sized brush. The packaging is bulky but I can tolerate it because the products inside are really good. All the bronzers and blushes included here are full sizes. It costs $58 which is insane because this is a $145 dollar value. Holla and Holla Lite are both 8 grams or 0.28 oz., Galifornia and Rockateur are both 7 grams or 0.27 oz. and Dandelion is 5 grams or 0.17 oz. I got mine for P2580 from KaiStore (Facebook) excluding shipping fee.

The powders are buttery and really soft and smooth. They apply beautifully on the face. I am on the fair side but I prefer Hoola than Hoola Lite. Hoola Lite is almost the same as my skintone. But I can also mix the two creating a custom shade. The three blushes have some shimmer in them. All of the powders are really blendable. You won’t have a hard time blending the powders unto your face. The blushes are beautiful. They look stunning on the cheeks without looking “too much”. They give such a nice glow to the cheeks because of the shimmer that they have. The less shimmer out of the three is Dandelion. Both Hoola and Hoola Lite are matte.


Hoola is matte natural bronzer while Hoola Lite is a natural matte light bronzer. Galifornia is a sunny golden pink blush; Dandelion is a baby pink blush and Rockateur is a rose gold blush. These shades complement pale to about medium skintones. Deeper skintones won’t benefit from these because the colors won’t show up. You also might want to be light handed with these because they are pigmented but they are not chalky, blotchy or patchy. They don’t have that powder kick back.

I really don’t use the brush in here. I would’ve preferred if they added another blush instead of a brush. The brush is usable but I just don’t like this type of brush. It’s soft and picks up products nicely but again it’s not the brush I would reach for.

Overall I think this is a must have if you are on the paler to medium skintone. You cannot beat the price of this. I mean 5 full size benefit powders for $58 you just can’t beat that. The quality, pigmentation and blendability is all there. This is one of the purchases I’m really happy about because I’ve wanted to try Hoola for a long time but I just didn’t see myself spending that much on a single bronzer but now I got 5 benefit powders for a great value. So if you can get your hands on this go get it. It’s so worth it.


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