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BH Cosmetics X Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette (Review)

I wasn’t planning to do a review on this one but this palette impressed me a lot. I don’t have the first palette so I couldn’t compare the formulation of that one to this. First of all this palette is huge and is packed with mattes and shimmer shades. This has the 11 original shades from the previous palette and 10 new shades created for this palette. This comes in a cardboard packaging with a mirror. There are 15 shadow shades and 6 highlighter shades. This has a total of 36 g/1.28 oz. This costs $22.50 in the US. I got mine from @yourmakeupstoreph (instagram). I forgot how much I bought this but its less than P2000.

The shadows are so buttery and creamy. It’s like working with a high end palette. They are so easy to blend although they are a bit powdery thus having some kick back so you better tap that brush off to avoid fall outs.  The mattes perform really well. They blend easily and the pigmentation is good. The shimmers can be built or you could use a setting spray to amplify the performance of the shimmers but they have great pigmentation on their own. The duo chromatic shadows are so beautiful! They’re my favorites! The cream/bone color lifts the brows really well. There are great transitions shades. The colors look so beautiful on the eye lids and they have good staying power especially when you have a good primer underneath. This palette is more for spring looks/date looks.

The highlighters are so bomb! They are so freaking pigmented! They are almost the same as the ABH and Becca highlights. Although, those are a bit more softer and smoother and are not as powdery as these. The the bigger highlight pan shades are a bit subtle than the rest. They are still pigmented but not as poppin’ as the rest. My favorite combination is the peachy one topped with the white one. They definitely give my cheeks some poppin’ color. The two deep shades will look beautiful for darker skintones.

Overall this palette is awesome! I use this for my daily looks and I love it! Although this leans more to the spring time looks I still love it! And for the price it is so worth it. They swatch and perform well. It’s still available so I suggest you get your hands on this because it really is good.

KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Crème Liquid Lipstick Collection (Review)


The KKW x Kylie Cosmetics is probably one of the most anticipated collabs in the makeup world. I mean who wouldn’t want this collab? It’s freaking Kim K and Kylie! Plus, it’s a new formulation and a new look with the packaging. But is it worth the hype? Is it worth splurging your money with? Is it a game changer?

The lipsticks are inside this beautiful nude pink cardboard box packaging. There are four crème liquid lipstick in this collection and all of them are nude shades. I mean Kim loves to rock nude shades so, this isn’t really a surprise. The container of the lipsticks has frosted look to it unlike the usual Kylie packaging. The drips are still there but the color of the writings and the lid is a nude pink as well. The packaging gets an A+ from me. I freaking love the packaging. Each crème liquid lipstick has 0.11 oz or 3 g of product in them. The set/collection costs $45 which for me is not too expensive considering you get four crème liquid lipsticks. I do not know how much this costs here in the Philippines this was just a gift I received from my boyfriend but I would estimate it to be about 2900-3500 pesos (depending on the shop you’ll get this from) excluding shipping fee. This is not available on the Kylie Cosmetics website but I am still posting this because I bet some online shops still has this and some might be selling this in a ridiculous price. This is a new formulation and its said that the formulation is like a lipstick in liquid form. It is not supposed to be long lasting nor transfer proof.

My excitement for this collab died as soon as I tried these on. It’s not super bad but it’s not blowing my mind either. Kimberly is patchy and streaky. It’s not one swipe full opacity thingy. I personally do not like this shade the most. Maybe because it is too light that’s why it’s like that (usually lighter liquid lipsticks are patchy) but I don’t like it for that reason. And the thing is you can’t really build it up because then it looks like you have too much product on your lips. Kim on the other hand is less patchy and streaky but still I am not living for this shade. I just don’t like how they look when you put on more coats to try and cover the streaks/patchy parts. Kiki is good, it is way better than the first two shades. Kimmie is the best when it comes to pigmentation and maybe that’s because it is the darkest.

They look good when they are put on nicely but as I said if you don’t get it right the first try it’s kind hard to build it up because it looks you have way too much product on your lips. I do not have lip fillers whatsoever so maybe it might act differently on my lips. The shades are too limited, in my opinion. What I mean by that is there is not a shade here that will work for the darker complexions out there. Yes they can make this work with a lip liner underneath but they cannot use this on this own. I just wish the shade colors were more diverse and also I wished they sold this per piece as well. It’s not long wearing. I wore this and drank with a straw and almost all of the lipstick was gone. I had to reapply it as the day went through.

I prefer these to be used on top of a lip liner or even a lipstick. For me its just like a gloss but a more opaque gloss. I could definitely wear Kimmie or Kiki alone but for the Kim and Kimberly I really prefer to wear it with a lip liner underneath.

Overall, I think it’s not really worth it. But I will still use this because it was given to me. If it wasn’t given to me I would sell it or pass it on to a friend. I’m really not loving it as much as I want to love it. It’s not super bad but it’s just average. I prefer her liquid lipsticks more than these crème liquid lipstick. As I’ve said some of the shades are streaky and patchy, it’s not long wearing, not everyone will suit the shades, it’s sold in a set. I would suggest you to pass on to these and just buy her liquid lipsticks or just buy multiple colourpop satin liquid lipsticks if you really don’t like matte liquid lipsticks.

Maybelline Powder Mattes (Review)

Maybelline released a new lipstick line called Powder Mattes. This line claims to present a super matte finish but still lightweight and comfortable. This retails for 299 pesos here in the Philippines and is available at Maybelline counters. They have a total of 15 shades. I only have two since these are the colors that attracted me. The formulation of these are really good and what they claim is true. It has a powder finish. I has no shine at all. It is really matte. Although, it is matte it is super comfortable. I don’t feel like I have lipstick on my lips. It’s very lightweight. It is also very opaque/pigmented. It does not dry my lips and it is not patchy. Their color selection is great there are different kind of nudes to really dark colors. I think every skintone would find a lipstick shade that will suit them.

They perform like high end lipstick and they even feel like high end as well. This will stay a lot longer than a normal moisturizing lipstick and in my experience this stayed longer than their creamy mattes. But of course these wouldn’t have the longevity of a liquid lipstick. This will not fade easily with you just talking or drinking water. But when you eat this will be removed quickly and you’ll have to re-apply it then.

This is one of the formulations of lipsticks that I love. It’s inexpensive but the quality and pigmentation is there. Honestly if you want a lipstick that won’t cost you that much that is as good as high end lipsticks I suggest you go to your nearest Maybelline counter and choose from their lipsticks because honestly their lipstick lines are really good.

Lip 101: How to cure/prevent dry chapped lips + DIY Lip Scrub


If you are into makeup you know that having chapped and dry lips is a no no especially when you love wearing liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks can also be the cause of having dry lips because liquid lipsticks tend to really be more drying than a normal matte lipstick. Having dry/chapped lips isn’t a pretty sight. There will even be time where in your lips will be peeling. My friends always say that I have beautiful lips just because they rarely get dry or chapped. So here is my tricks and tips to have that smooth, plump and hydrated lips.

  1. Exfoliate/Scrub your lips – This is a must! There are also dead cells on our lips and we want that layer off also scrubbing your lips gets rid of the peeling and it will definitely make your lips smoother. And scrubbing/exfoliating your lips does make your it a bit more plumper. But do not over exfoliate your lips because that may bring you another problem. You can make your own lip scrub and it’ll show you my DIY lip scrub that I use and that works for me.
  2. Use a lip mask/lip patch – This is a Korean trend that may look unnecessary and a bit too much but a honestly it makes a difference. I use the lip gel patch from The Face Shop and it’s worth I believe 150 pesos here in the Philippines for each gel patch (about $3 in the US). You put this on your lips for 10-15 minutes (just like a normal face mask) and when you remove it your lips just feel so smooth and hydrated. I do this once or twice a week after I have exfoliated my lips.
  3. Use lip balms – Lips balms are essential. Even if you don’t use a lip mask/lip patch as long as you have a lip balm you’ll be fine (but I still prefer using lip mask just because it gives me better results). You can use any lip balm that works for you. I love applying the Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Healing Balm at night. I apply a generous amount on my lips before I sleep and when I wake up my lips feels amazing. During the morning/afternoon I just use my Nivea balms I just pop them on from time to time. I’m currently loving the Nivea Med Repair but I also really love other Nivea balms.
  4. Drink water – This is another must. Our body always needs to be hydrated. Drinking less water leads to dry/chapped lips. I think everyone is aware of that. So always keep yourself armed with a bottle of water.

Now let’s proceed to my DIY Lip Scrub!


The little container above is my DIY lip scrub. This is really easy to make. You can do this in less than five minutes and all you need is a lemon, olive oil/coconut oil and brown sugar (you can also add honey if you want to, honey also has its added benefits like for extra hydration. I just ran out of honey that’s why this doesn’t contain honey.) I really don’t use measurements here I just look at the consistency of the product. In a small bowl put the brown sugar, a little bit of olive oil/coconut oil and squeeze a little amount of lemon and if you have honey also add it in. The majority of the ingredients should be the sugar for (example 2 tbsp of sugar then a quarter of oil, etc.) The consistency should be grainy and rough. It shouldn’t be too watery/runny (if you get this consistency just add sugar gradually.) It should be quite thick. You can test the product on the back of your hand or on your lips. You should really feel the sugar working. The sugar removes the dead cells while the honey and olive oil/coconut oil hydrates your lips so it wouldn’t dry/ The lemon is just for a bit of flavoring.  Use this once or twice a week. (Twice a week is the maximum amount.)

So this is how I prevent my lips on being chapped or dry. You really have to give some effort if you want your lips to look and feel good. Some might find this over the top but this is how I keep my lips nice and smooth. I hope that I was able to help you somehow. See you on my next post!